A project that was produced out of a passion for local pottery studios and curiosity for the craft. The pottery goddess & ceramic masters guide to pottery in Melbourne is a publication all about pottery, giving the reader industry specific definitions, craft DIY recipes, and an introduction to three Melbourne pottery studios. It includes digital illustration of each of the locations (and a kitty) to give the reader a sense of location and create an emotional connection. 
The ideal outcome for this publication was to have it displayed throughout Melbourne at pottery studios, markets and cafes where the target audience would frequent.
The physical version of the publication was printed on Envirocare 100% Recycled paper stock to have the smallest possible impact on the earth, whilst also giving the whole publication a warm quality. It also included printed inserts on vellum to give the reader more information throughout the publication without impeding on the illustrations.  
There was also an interactive Epub version of this publication produced, which will be available to view in 2021.